Ski sprint on the Palace Square


The international summer competitions on roller skis will take place in St. Petersburg for the tenth time on July 7, 2013 with the participation of the country's strongest skiers-racers.

The event was organized by the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg and also by St. Petersburg Federation of ski racing.

The contest will be attended by famous Russian athletes, winners of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver and the World Cup of 2013: Nikita Kryukov and Alexander Panzhinsky, Alexey Petukhov, Nikolay Morilov, as well as biathlons and representatives of the roller ski sports, including members of the national team. Russian sprint team will arrive in St. Petersburg at full strength, reinforced also by members of the national team in skiing, such as Gleb Retivyh and world bronze medalist Sergey Ustyugov. Teams of Kazakhstan and Belarus also will take in the competition this year. As guests of honor the glorified Russian skiers and biathlons, legendary winners of the most prestigious competitions of last years are invited at the competitions: Lubov Egorova, Maria Gusakova, Love Mukhacheva, Anna Tsygankova, Anatoly Alyabyev, Michael Devyatyarov, Vladimir Drachov, Dmitry Vasilyev.

The main purpose of the event - promotion of skiing among the residents of Russia and the revival of St. Petersburg as a national and international ski center. The combination of spectacular sprint races to a unique architectural complex of the Palace Square during the white nights allows to have the real holiday to residents, city visitors and all athletes. In the pauses between the races quiz on the history of development of the skiing is annually held, where the winners receive posters, pennants, branded baseball caps and t-shirts with a logo of competitions and autographs of stars of the Russian skiing.

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Beginning: 14:00.

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