Visit-Petersburg Official Mobile Guide

Official city tourist portal of St. Petersburg “” presents free mobile application. It adapts the whole functionality of the website for mobile devices what gives an opportunity to obtain useful and interesting information at any time.

Visit-Petersburg mobile application comprises:

Everything that can be useful during planning of the trip and staying in St. Petersburg. 

More than 1500 objects: temples, cathedrals, palaces, museums, bridges, monuments, theaters, galleries, restaurants, cafes, hotels and shopping centers. All this and other things are divided into click-friendly categories and supplied with detailed description. On-line map showing all objects with illustrations will help you to understand and familiarize with all the  variety of objects in given application.

Staying in our city will be never boring thanks to Events section. A lot of events are held in the city every day: from ballet and opera to sport matches, from art exhibitions to rock concerts. Tourists can get full information about these and other events using the application. 

The mobile application gives a tourist a chance to make his visit to St. Petersburg unique and manifold. One can avail of more than 50 specially designed routes which are created for different interests and tastes.

Every represented route offers the tourist a detailed description of any objects included. One can also find information about interesting objects which are in immediate proximity to the route. These objects can be included by the tourists in their favored list. Following an itinerary tourist can also stop at every point to have a rest, to visit a café, to take some striking pictures or just to admire the beauty of the Northern Capital.

There are also audio guides recorded by professional guides for more than 40 sights of St. Petersburg. These audio guides will give the tourist an opportunity to get all useful information about sights with an unceasing admiration of its beauty.

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