Fresh look at the Cultural Capital


Street Art Museum

Street Art Museum, situated on the acting Laminated Plastics factory in the East of Saint Petersburg was opened in 2014. Since then it has become an attractive spot for active citizens and tourists all over the world.

The territory of the Museum is divided into two separate zones – permanent exposition on the factory territory and open public space – the venue for temporary exhibitions and large-scale events. Currently the permanent exposition consists of approximately 20 works by contemporary street artists. 

Before visiting the main exhibition one should send an e-mail to sign in for an exhibition tour. To visit the main exhibition a guest needs an identity paper.

Address: 84, AB Revolyucii Highway (entrance from Industrialny avenue).

Tel.: +7 (812) 448-15-93



«Vavilov-Loft» creative quarter

On February 5, 2021 in the centre of St. Petersburg a new creative space was opened - Vavilov-Loft. By now it is the largest creative space in the city.

The space, 30 000 м² in size in the historical building near the spit of Vasilyevsky Island. The first residents of the cluster were projects that moved from Golitsin-Loft.

Comfortable space with high ceilings on the  ground floor and large yards are occupied by pubs, cafes and restaurants. The first floor is occupied  by show-rooms, offices, coworkings and educational projects. Откроются recording studios, artists workshops, architectural firms and design studios.

Address: 5/2D, Kadetskaya line

Tel.: +7 (812) 291-30-10


«Nikol’skie Ryady» complex

«Nikol’skie Ryady» complex is a fully reconstructed building of Nikol’skiy Market, located in one of the oldest districts of Saint-Petersburg near St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and the Mariinsky theatre.

The market itself was built between 1788-1789 with money from private merchants and consisted of 52 shops. By the beginning of 30’s of the XX century the market had lost its initial function. Instead of it two factories appeared – «Metalstamp» и «Emalposuda». The manufacturing had a devastating effect on the condition of the former market. The supporting structures suffered from wear and tear, wooden floors had rotten, the basement was filled with garbage and the surrounding territory was contaminated with hazardous chemical substances.

In 2010  the reconstruction works began and lasted for 8 years. Today the large part of “Nikol’skie Ryady” complex is occupied by hotels and the legendary Hard Rock Cafe.

Address: 62/A Sadovaya street

Tel.: +7 (800) 600-90-90



«Etagi» loft-project

Pioneering loft-design project and one of the largest exhibition spaces in Saint-Petersburg.

The territory of 3000 m2 is currently occupied by 2 modern art galleries, 4 exhibition halls, a coffee house and a hostel.

Modern art exhibitions on sight of the «Etagi» loft-project  exist side by side with a wide event-program, consisting of lectures and discussions on topics of art and design, cinema shows, theatrical performances and so on.

Address: 74, Ligovsky avenue

Tel.: +7 (812) 458-50-05



«New Holland» artificial island

«New Holland» is an artificial island in the delta of the Neva river and a complex of storage facilities of the same name (1732-38, architect I. K. Korobov). It appeared after two canals, Kryukov and Admiralteisky were dug in 1719 between the Neva and the Moyka River for the needs of the shipyard.

Initially the name «Holland» was given to the area near the Admiralty, where ship timber was stored. After the two canals appeared, the storage facilities were transferred to the newly emerged island and that’s the way the island got its name. Apart from that, New Holland is also the first naval port in Russia, established on September 21, 1721 by order of Peter the Great.

On 16 june, 2012 the island was opened to the public for the first time in 300 years. Today New Holland is a lage creative space with art-galleries, museums, cafes, sports-ground an so on.

Address: 2, Admiralteisky canal embankment

Tel.: +7 (906) 268 83 18



The Lutheran Church of St. Anne (Annenkirche)

The church was hit hard by the fire in the early 21st century

The plot of houses 7 and 9 on Furshtatskaya Street originally belonged to the Lutheran Church of St. Anne. The church, founded in 1704 on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, moved here in 1720-1722. In May 1735, construction of a half-timbered church on a stone foundation began here. The author of his project was the architect of the Ober-Police Chancellery P. M. Eropkin. On January 3, 1736, a school was opened at the church. The church of St. Anne herself was built for 11 years. Its consecration took place only in October 1746. It was octagonal in plan, upholstered with boards outside, painted yellow and decorated with half columns and white platbands.

In 1775-1779, a new stone building of the Lutheran Church of St. Anne was built according to the project of Y. M. Felten. This church (Annenkirche) was one of the most visited in the city. Modern Kirochnaya street was named after this "church."

In 1867-1868 and in 1906, the church built the buildings for the Annenshule school, one of the most prestigious schools in St. Petersburg.

The church operated until 1936. In 1939, the building was rebuilt according to the design of A.I. Gegello and L.S. Cosven, the Spartak cinema was opened here.

Church services at St. Anne's Church resumed in 1992. They were held only on Sundays. On the remaining days, the cinema continued to operate, and discos were held in the altar section. On December 6, 2002, a severe fire broke out in the Annenkirche building. The roof collapsed, the auditorium burned out almost completely, the dome was damaged. The building was in dilapidated condition for several years. In 2010, restoration of the facades was carried out. Damaged and scorched interiors still need to be restored. However, it is the current appearance of the church that attracts contemporary artists and musicians. It hosts weekly exhibitions, concerts and film screenings. 

St. Anne's Church is run by the Missionary Department of the Central Religious Organization The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia. 

Address: 8V Kirochnaya Street

Tel.: +7 (905) 277-17-79



«LenDoc» documentary film studio

Saint Petersburg Documentary Films Studio

Saint Petersburg Documentary Films Studio was founded in 1932. In 2012 the Lendoc creative space was opened on the studio grounds, housing a culture center, movie theater, cinema museum, and a movie school

The history of the film studio starts at the beginning of the XX century, its archives possess unique footage of the russian royal family, priceless photo and video footage from the times of the World War II and the siege of Leningrad, as well as complete newsreel of Russia starting from 1957.

Today the film studio has turned into the full-scale creative space, combining various kinds activities associated with cinema and culture:

  • Full-scale functioning film studio, making fiction and documentary films, a well, as commercials;
  • Office centre, uniting different projects, connected with film-making;
  • Movie school for children and adults;
  • Opened lectures about the art of film-making;
  • Culture center, supporting projects, connected with film-making and related areas of art;
  • The first cinematographic channel, broadcasting the masterpieces, created on on the LenDoc films studio and russian historical newsreel;
  • Paid and free showtime with art and documentary films, as well as works by the local cinema school;
  • LenDoc Pub and lots more.

Address: 12, Kryukov Canal embankment

Tel.: +7 (921) 445-37-85



Lumiere Hall and Planetarium №1

The largest gas holder in St, Petersburg, built in the 19’th century, which was long abandoned and was unable to find a new application has now become the first 3d exhibition museum in Russia.

The new creative space, equipped with the most modern viewing equipment has now become a place with a unique atmosphere where you may plunge into the art of the greatest painters, find out new facts about their lives and simply enjoy being in a spherical space.

The characteristic  feature of the museum is its equipment, consisting of  30 screens and more than 40 projectors, that display 3D full HD images and animation, which makes your heart beat faster, and the 3D sound effects make the experience even brighter.

Apart from the multimedia exhibition in a huge projection room you may listen to the lectures about the famous artists sitting comfortably in armchairs or even lying in hammocks. At the exit you will find a specially arranged workshop where you can create your own masterpiece under the supervision of talented painters.

On the territory of the creative sight there is a second gallery-like building, where exhibitions take place. Apart from that visitors have a chance to visit various lectures which will take place in several specially equipped lecture-halls.

Address: 74, Obvodny Canal embankment

Tel.: +7 (999) 222-20-00



Sevcable Port

«Sevkabel Port» is a new project aimed to give new life to old facilities and historic buildings and to turn them into a modern multifunctional creative space at the waterfront.

The initiator and investor of the project is «Sevkabel» factory. The first cable factory in Russia was founded in 1879 as a factory of Siemens & Halske trading house.

The main idea was to create high-quality urban settings and improve living standards at the harbor of Vasilevskiy Island. The project  was aimed at preserving and restoring monuments of industrial architecture, because its founders value historical artifacts and want to emphasize the «memory of the place».

The Main point of attraction is the promenade with beautiful views of Gulf of Finland, Marine Station and ZSD bridge. The project based on the historical territory of the factory on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Address: 40, Kohevennaya line

Tel.: +7 (812) 213-32-02