Beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress

This beach is located in the very heart of the Northern Capital of Russia, at the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress on the banks of the Neva river. From here you may observe the best view of the historical center of our city.

The sand part of the beach is not so big  — only 320 м, but rather wide. On hot sunny days locals, who are staying in the city rush here, and during winter this beach is popular with winter swimmers. Nonetheless, it is prohibited to swim in the waters of the Neva river, the beach may be used only for sunbathing.

In summer the beach is a venue for all kinds of events. This is the famous Sand Sculpture Festival, that has already become traditional, various kinds of performances, open-airs and outdoor concerts. The place  is also the meeting-point for the beach volleyball and water sports enthusiasts.


Beach of Krestovsky Island

The beach was opened in 2018 as part of preparation of infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup and represents a 350-meter sand stripe at the banks of the Little Nevka river, as well as the 80-meter wooden embankment, known by locals as the «wooden beach». Part of the view from the bank is on the marina with yachts, the other part is on the Gulf of Finland and the other part is on the ZSD bridge. Right behind the bridge there is the Maritime Victory Park.

The territory of the beach is suitable only for sunbathing on the bank, because swimming on the territory of the city is prohibited. On the so-called «wooden beach» you will find modern hammock-chairs and tables. You may use them for sunbathing of simply lie comfortably on the sand below. There’s space for playing volleyball and table tennis; there’s also a workout area with training equipment in the open air and a playground for children. Near the beach there is a small cafe.


Beach at the Park of Saint-Petersburg 300 anniversary

One of the most popular and well-known summer recreation places among all St. Petersburg citizens is located near the Park of Saint-Petersburg 300 anniversary. This is a big sandy beach with a unique view of the Lakhta Center skyscraper and the Gulf of Finland. The 800-meter long and 40 meter wide beach is quite crowded during warm summer days due to its transport availability. Like other beaches of our city, it isn’t suited for swimming. Those who can’t do without swimming can do it in the nearby «Piterland» waterpark.

Apart from the substantial granite embankment, the golden sandy bank has got several places for beach games and a cafe where you can have a snack. Often the bank near the park serves as a venue for various kinds of public events.


Kanonerskiy beach

Lesser known beach in an unusual place of our city

The beach of the Kanonerskiy Island is the only beach on the territory of Kirovsky District of St. Petersburg. The 600-meter long sand stripe has stretched between several industrial areas and a dock, to the right of the beach there is the ZSD Bridge. The view from the bank is very industrial but the sunsets here are especially beautiful.

The water level is highly dependent on high and low tide, that’s why quite often it is possible to see a huge shallow water area. the beach is quite rocky, especially in the area of an artificial sand-split, where the rocks serve to strengthen the shoreline. On warm sunny days this place has no shortage of sunbathing people or fishermen.


The Beach of the town of Komarovo

The magnificent beach in the Kurortny District of St. Petersburg. The best way to reach it is by the Bolshaya Morskaya street or by Kavaleristskaya street. This is one of the most beautiful places on the Gulf of Finland. The clean spacious beach, covered with soft sand is сопровождают sand dunes and pine trees. By the shore there is a shallow water area, surrounded by a foreland. Behind it there are deep waters.

The shore is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest by the beach. Right on the bank there are several cafes. The Primorskoye highway is running next to the beach and there is a bus stop. Part of the territory is occupied by the beach that belongs to the «High Dive» entertainment complex. 

Like the other beaches of our city and suburbs, the beach is only suitable for resting at the shore. Bathing in the waters of the Gulf of Finland is prohibited. 


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