Getting ready for a trip to Saint-Peterburg


April is the most wonderful time to visit Saint-Petersburg! Most likely spring has already come to the Northern Capital of Russia, which means bleak winter colors are by sunny bright ones, first green spots are starting to pop up and the weather is just right for a long walk along the beautiful streets of our city. In order to help you make the best of your trip we made this little check-list.


The things to take with you

  • 🧣A spring hat, a scarf and an overcoat (don’t forget you’re going to the Northern Capital of Russia)
  • 👞Waterproof shoes
  • An umbrella or a raincoat
  • 🌡A vacuum flask
  • 😀Excellent mood


The things to try

  • 🐟St. Petersburg's most favourite fish - smelt, known in our city as koryushka (its season starts in april)
  • 🍩«Pyshki», which is the name for a special kind of doughnut, which you can find only in St. Petersburg (the most authentic you will find at 25, Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street)
  • 🍰The «Bushe» and «Sever» cakes (great addition to your tee from your vacuum flask)
  • 🍲Leningrad rassolnik (a traditional russian soup, that suits perfectly for a dinner on a cold day)


The things to do

  • 🌷In April parks and gardens of Saint-Petersburg are closed for drying, but if you still wish to witness the awakening of nature, we recommend visiting the «Snowdrop festival» in St. Petersburg Botanical Garden. There you will also have a chance to see rare plants on an «Annual Succulent Exhibition».
  • 🚤The navigation season in St. Petersburg starts in April, which means you will have a chance  to see the bridges above the Neva River draw every night and boat-tour along rivers and canals of our city.
  • 🚀This year we celebrate the 60’th anniversary of the first human space flight. Planetarium № 1 has prepared special events dedicated to this date, so don’t forget to add Planetarium № 1 to your must-visit list.
  • 🐦If you happen to walk near the Michael's Castle, look out for the smallest monument in St. Petersburg – the «Chizhik-Pyzhik» (the little siskin), make a wish and toss a coin to the little bird.
  • Visit the famous Krestovsky Stadium to our favourite FC «Zenit» play (this april they play with FC «Khimki» and «Rotor»)
  • 🖼If you are a fine art enthusiast – visit the cross-museum exhibition «Motion(less). Russian classical sculpture from F. Shubin to A. Marveev». 150 unique works by 65 famous sculptors from 32 leading russian museums.
  • Visit the annual Spring Fountain Show in Peterhof (scheduled for April 24).


The things to bring home from your trip to St. Petersburg

  • 🍫Chocolate and candies by the N.K. Krupskaya Confectionery Factory (most popular are the candies with «speaking» names: «Leningradskije», «St. Petersburg nights», «Northern Aurora», chocolate truffles «Peter I», «Catherines Heart» and others)
  • 🍨Various kinds of zefir by the «Kronstadskaja» confectionary factory
  • 🍬Candies and chocolate-covered fruit by the famous «St. Petersburg Collection» confectionary factory
  • 🐟Dried or smoked smelt (known in our city as koryushka)
  • 🎁Exclusive gift bags by the «Elisseeff Emporium»
  • 📖A book or a postcard with views of Saint-Petersburg from the famous bookstore in the Singer House
  • Wonderful impressions and plans of coming back to Saint-Petersburg