Getting ready for a trip to St. Petersburg


June is probably the best time for a trip to St. Petersburg. This is the month when the legendary «White Nights» are at their high point in our city. June is traditionally rich in multiple cultural events, city celebrations, and major festivals. The Visit Petersburg team wishes you a wonderful stay in St. Petersburg and offers you a travellers checklist for June to help you plan your trip.

The things to take with you:

  • windbreaker  (the weather in the Northern Capital of Russia is unpredictable)
  • SPF-cream (during sunny days the UV index довольно высокий)
  • umbrella or raincoat (must-have for every season)
  • excellent mood

The things to try:

  • delicious forest berrywild strawberry (June is the beginning of its season)
  • international cuisine at Vasileostrovsky market (new stylish food court at its historical place)
  • baked apple at the legendary "Literary cafe" (one of the favourite places and dishes of Alexander Pushkin)
  • "pyshki", which is the name for a special kind of doughnut (the most authentic you will find at 25, Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street or 32, Sadovaya Street)
  • Beef Stroganoff at the «Palkin» restaurant (the invention of this dish is attributed to the count Alexander Strovanov from St. Petersburg)

The things to do:

  • The XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 2-5 with Qatar as a guest country: "Qatar: Between the Sea and the Desert, Art and Heritage" project, the "Qatar Film Days" festival and the "Mawaheb" music festival, the concert at the Palace Square on June, 3.
  • Visit the "Andy Warhol and Russian Art" exhibition at the Sevcabel Port art center (starts on June 18)
  • Watch the Palace Bridge rise, accompanied by Russian symphonic music as part of the "Singing Bridges" project.
  • Walk the streets of St. Petersburg during the period of the "White Nights".
  • Стать участником масштабного Фестиваля УЕФА. Футбольный городок в историческом центре города  на Конюшенной площади станет основным местом притяжения болельщиков ЕВРО 2020.
  • Увидеть одно из самых ожидаемых событий года — праздник выпускников петербургских школ «Алые паруса», который в этом году пройдет в ночь с 25 на 26 июня.
  • Пройти по маршруту по местам, где жил Ф.М. Достоевский и герои его произведений. Для создания нужной атмосферы можно предварительно прочитать повесть «Белые ночи».
  • Take a journey with a "Meteor" hydrofoil to the "Shlisselburg" fortress (the high-speed boats going in this direction are the novelty of this season)
  • Have fun at the "STEREOLETO" music festival on the territory of the Sevcabel Port on June 13-14

The things to bring home from your trip to St. Petersburg:

  • Exquisite gift by Imperial Porcelain Factory
  • "St. Petersburg Dictionary" (ask in book stores of our city)
  • Various kinds of zefir by the "Kronstadskaja" confectionary factory
  • Chocolate and candies by the N.K. Krupskaya Confectionery Factory (most popular are the candies with «speaking» names: "Leningradskije", "St. Petersburg nights", "Northern Aurora", chocolate truffles "Peter I", "Catherines Heart" and others)
  • Wonderful impressions and plans of coming back to St. Petersburg