Getting ready for a trip to St. Petersburg

August is a wonderful time for a trip to St. Petersburg because you can still enjoy great warm summer days, walking along the Northern capital. Visit Petersburg team wishes you to have a great time in our city and as usual offers you to use our check-list for August to plan your journey.

What is worth to taste:

  • light jacket (the weather in Saint Petersburg can change rapidly)
  • SPF-cream (we need to protect our skin from UF-radiation!)
  • an umbrella or a raincoat ( must-have for any season)
  • excelent mood

What is worth to taste:

  •  tasty and healthy berry ─ blueberry (a berry with an up-to-date Latin name  «Vaccínium»)
  • unusual ice-cream flavors for example, in the café «Vkusnye Shtuchki» («Tasty Things») on Petrograd side
  • cheese made by local manufacturer (popular is, for example,  made by cheese dairy «Nova Artisana» on V.O. market)
  • overshakes ─ a dream of any sweet tooth (one of the places is restaurant “Mickey & Monkeys” on Gorokhovaya St.)
  • products of Vasileostrovskaya Brewery (drink responsibly!)

What is interesting to do:

  • See the International Triathlon Competition «Ironman 70.3 Russia» on August 1
  • Enjoy classical musical artworks during the Saint Petersburg International Festival «All Together Opera» (on August 4 and 7)
  • Visit an ark and walk on water in Annenkirche at the exhibition «The Ark» (till August 18)
  • Plunge into the world of modern art at a personal exhibition of a Russian art group Recycle - project New Nature in Manege (till September 15)
  •  Make bright photos in Street-art Museum
  •  See the painting of Raphael Santi “La belle jardinière: Madonna and Child with St John the Baptist” from Musée du Louvre in Hermitage (till September 19)
  • See the exhibition “Andy Warhol and Russian art” in Sevcable Port (till September 19)
  • Visit St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Office and get some postcards and brochures or buy a souvenir
  •  Get to Peterhof, Shlisselburg Fortress (“Oreshek”) or Kronstadt on a hydrofoil Meteor. Btw, you can buy tickets in City Tourist Information Office as well
  • Visit the historical and cultural cluster dedicated to the Navy – «Ostrov Fortov» («Island of Forts»),  where recently some new objects have been opened, like skate park, stylized and modern sports and children's playground, beautiful embankment, new historical part etc.

What you can bring home as a souvenir: