Nevskie Berega International Beauty Expo

25 September, Sunday, 11:00

Nevskie Berega International Beauty Expo is a significant international event in the modern world of professional beauty industry.

Winter in St. Petersburg is not an excuse to hide in thick clothes and forget about fine dresses and beauty. February is the time for the main event in the beauty industry - «Nevskie Berega». Throughout the festival, which is both renowned and recognized, young masters of hairdressing together with make-up artists and fashion designers present their best works to the public. Each   year   «Nevskie   Berega»   presents   fascinating   images produced by a team of professionals.

At the same time, the brevity and completeness of their works are evaluated by strict judges. The festival «Nevskie Berega» is  above  all  else  a  contest  where  the  strongest  prevail.  This is  one of the events where  the  beginners  compete  together with masters of hairdressing. In addition to the competition, workshops on hairstyles, haircuts, make-up and nail design are provided for visitors. Besides, representatives of the leading cosmetic companies present their new products.

Festival «Nevskie Berega» is a unique chance to find something new about the new trends and plunge into the world where beauty rules.

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