City Festival «Maslenitsa» in the Peter and Paul Fortress

13 March, Sunday, 10:00

The City Maslenitsa celebration (pancake week) will be held on March 7-13 at Peter and Paul fortress.

Traditionally Maslenitsa festivities are organized in the city center, on the area of the Peter and Paul fortress. Native-Russian Maslenitsa songs, dances, jokes and funny performances will be waiting for the guests. Also guests will be welcome to the teahouses with pancakes and native Russian soft drinks, as well as to a big fair!

Craftsmen will surprise the guests in their workshops and possibly give the guests a chance to make something cute and Maslenitsa-esque with their hands. Such small souvenirs will make a nice gift, and help preserve the memory of Maslenitsa. 

The culmination of the festival is the burning of the large Maslenitsa effigy and final farewell to winter.

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