Summer Food Festival «O Da, Eda !» (Oh, yes, Food!)

24 July, Sunday

Big Food Festival «O Da, Eda !» In St. Petersburg has become the largest gastronomic event in Eastern Europe.

Summer in St. Petersburg is a time for demonstration of talents. Artists draw in the streets, the musicians can be seen in parks. Restaurateurs are no exception, and the festival «Oh, yes! Food!» is established especially for them.

The festival is one of the greatest gastronomic events in Europe, in which all the cafes and restaurants of the city participate. During the two days of the competition they compete to offer the best and most surprising treats. The wide variety of cuisines and unusual tastes of the dishes all have one thing in common - they all look so wonderful that you can’t help but try everything! Fine delicacies, main dishes and desserts from the chefs of well-known restaurants - all of what many people were too embarrassed to dream about, or had not found the time - will be available throughout the festival and waiting for everyone who wants to come.

In addition, master classes will be held where chefs of the best restaurants will reveal their secrets and lectures on the secrets of the restaurant business will be as well. Entertaining lessons will be waiting for younger guests where they can easily learn how to make simple, delicious and very beautiful dishes with their own hands.

Whatever one decides to do at the festival all the guests will be entertained with good music and have an excellent cheerful mood!

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