Concert «Strings of the Russian soul»

27 February, Saturday, 20:00

February 27 in the Great hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonic  will be promoted a concert «Strings of the Russian soul» under the direction of conductor Alexander Kantorov

Recognized masterpieces of Russian musical culture, which will be performed this evening, no doubt, touched the deepest chords in the soul of every listener. Protagonists of the concert - works by the greatest Russian romantic composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Serenade for string orchestra in C major Philharmonic according to tradition played a big part; one of the few works of Tchaikovsky for the theatre - music for the spring fairytale of the beloved playwright composer N. Ostrovsky«The snow maiden» and Pezzo Capriccioso for cello and orchestra is one of the most virtuosic of the works included in the repertoire of cellists around the world.
The concert program will complement the public much-loved works by composers of "the great Russian five": N. And.Rimsky-Korsakov, M. P. Mussorgsky and A. P. Borodin.

Tickets cost – 600-1300 rub.
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