The performance «The Player»

20 March, Sunday, 19:00

Scenes from Dostoevsky's novel.

The performance «The Player» is a free interpretation on the theme of Dostoevsky's novel, the fantasy created by the Director especially for the actress Svetlana Kryuchkova, playing in a new production multiple roles — it and the dealer, and a reporter, senior broadcast from the event, and, finally, extravagant and imperious Grandmother («la baboulinka») — Antonida Vasilievna Tarasevich, a rich Russian landowner, around the figure and, most importantly, the state of which passions of the resort town of roulettenberg before.

There are lots of choreography and musical numbers, the characters singing foreign hits of different years, from «Paroles, paroles» Gianni Ferrio to «Mein herz brennt» by Rammstein.
Director: R. markholia. The performance duration is 2 hours.

Tickets cost – 500-3000 rub.
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