The performance «War and peace by Tolstoy»

31 March, Thursday, 19:00

War and peace by Tolstoy — a kind tour of some of the chapters of the novel, where the role of the «guide» will perform the national artist of the USSR Alice Freundlich. She is the guardian of the memory of Tolstoy's text, a guide accompanying the viewer on a journey through the space of the novel, acquainting us with the families of the Rostovs, the Bolkonskys, Kurakinyh, peaceful life which concedes the war.

According to the Director, the stage version of the novel «War and peace» does not require a literal retelling or illustration of the text. Because the magnitude of the Tolstoy novel — not the number of pages and the amount of characters, the depth of comprehension of human lives. The authors called their performance «a guide to the novel». This artistic technique largely involves meditation on the themes of the novel, dive in only some of its episodes and gives you a fresh look at the familiar, get away from the stereotype school of perception «encyclopedia of Russian life».
The performance duration is 2 hours.

Tickets cost – 1000-5000 rub.
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