Perfomance «The Man»

21 February, Sunday, 19:00

The perfomance by Tom Janezich based on the book by Viktor Frankl "Say Yes to life: notes of a psychologist who survived the concentration camps"

The production is staged by Tommy Janezich, Slovenian film Director, according to critics, one of Europe's leading Directors of the younger generation. «Man» is a performance-a reflection on the themes raised by the book Frankl: on the dignity and inner freedom, the problem of choice and the ability to remain human in inhuman conditions.

Victor Frankl: «We have studied as fully as it probably has not studied any previous generation. So what is a person? It is the being that always decides what he is. This is the being who invented the gas chambers. But this creature that was in the cameras, proudly erect, with a prayer on his lips» (excerpt from book).

The show brings together artists of several generations HDH: busy people's artist of Russia Valery Degtyar, honored artists of Russia Tatiana Bedova, Eugene Chudakov, Nina Alexandrova, Anton Schwartz, Barbara Pavlova, Boris Pavlovich, actors internship HDH group and the musicians of the theatre.

Tickets cost – 200-1200 rub.
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