3D Musical "Juliet & Romeo"

29 May, Friday, 20:00

From the creators of POLA NEGRI — a new fantastic 3D musical "Juliet & Romeo"

Last year the first 3D musical in the world, POLA NEGRI, was announced in St. Petersburg and had a great success. Unique character of the performance is based on the combination of 3D technology and theater. It means that we watch a large-scale film, but on the stage. In the 3D musical live actors perform in virtual space, and spectators observe what is happening on the stage in 3D glasses.

The action in the 3D musical "Juliet & Romeo" takes place in the future: with the actors on the stage we will race around the town on a flying motorcycle, then dive to the depth and wander between the ruins of the old temple. Emotions from visual effects are amplified by the rain falling on the stage.

The project engaged the stars of theater and music scene — Svetlana Vilgelm-Plaschevskaya (POLA NEGRI), Manana Gogitidze ("Tanz der Vampire", "The Little Mermaid"), Vladimir Dybsky ("Monte Cristo", "Graf Orlov") and others. The main roles are played by the winners of the nationwide casting, young talents.

Beautiful vocal, energy of young actors, dancing in the water and history of Shakespeare, which does not lose relevance in the XXII century.

Event duration - 2 hours and 30 minutes, including 1 intermission
Ticket price - 400-3500 rub


The date of the showtime may change. Keep track on our site.


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