«Object 222. Modern history of Russia» exhibition

24 April, Sunday

Vadim Voinov is a thoughtful historian, a fearless traveller, an artist of great current importance.

The author of the exbition undoubtedly belongs to the most significant and at the same time mysterious personalities of the Leningrad nonconformism. His ‘function-collages’ mark the perceptible space between the public and the private, between memory and oblivion, between the thingness of the objects and their rhetorics, offering a new perspective for understanding Russia’s history of the XXth century. 

In the core of the Vadim Voinov’s artistic practice emerge objects from the outskirts of history, objects of transfigured ‘equipmentality’, objects ‘after the function’. Consecrated in the waters of the Styx, they become the text of a new chronicle by Voinov, his ‘New Mythology’. 

The first posthumous retrospective of Vadim Voinov will include famous works from different periods, as well as pieces that are yet unknown to a wide audience.

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