Heavenly Seraphim concert

16 May, Monday, 19:00

This is a musical history of St Petersburg, a history of three great saints, a history of the collision between the worldly and the heavenly

 A place where the world of the angels and people comes together, and where the coincidences never fail to amaze the audience. The worldly Seraphim and the heavenly Angels relate the destiny of the Russian people and towns and cities of the 19th and 20th centuries. Seraphim Sarovsky, Seraphim Chichagov and Seraphim Vyritsky are saints whose names are forever connected with each other and the life of St Petersburg. In the Christian tradition, Seraphim represent the highest order of angels, closer than any other to God. Anyone who has that name feels a certain responsibility and predestination. 
The on-stage video-installation uses unique materials from the archives of the St Petersburg Religious Academy Library. There are living tableaux, icons, early and contemporary texts and historic documents. The art work is by Swiss artist Maxim Bovey.

Introduced by Anastasia Melnikova and Yevgeny Dyatlov.

Anna Shpagina (piano) 
The priest Pavel Radin (bells)

The Spiritual Chorus of the St Petersburg Metropolitan See 
Chorus Master: Yuri Gerasimov

The Women’s Chorus of the St Petersburg Metropolitan See 
Chorus Master: Igor Matyukhov

The Children’s Chorus of the St Petersburg Diocese (featuring the Alexandria Children’s Chorus) 
Chorus Mistress: Valentina Korolyova

The Mariinsky Chorus and Orchestra 
Conductor: Andrei Petrenko


Tickets cost — 500 - 2000 roubles

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