26 April, Tuesday, 19:30

“Khokhloma” is an ensemble created not long ago, which works in a genre of the Russian song and dance. 

Created by modern people, it performs traditional products in a new manner demonstrating non-usual arrangements and fresh choreography. Arrangements of the songs in an integral style, executed brilliantly by musical leaders, winners of the All-Russian and international competitions Alexey Ermakov and Pavel Kovalenko and also using of original choreography specially composed by the winner of international competitions, ballet master Alexander Vechkunin for the ensemble allow to create an integral musical and dancing program which highlights this collective.

“Khokhloma” includes eight ballet dancers, six musicians and six vocalists who have great experience of performances in Russia and abroad.

The program of the group “Khokhloma” consists of 15 items and of three diverse blocks - conditionally Cossack, Gipsy and Russian themes overflowing smoothly one into another. The performance starts with an item “Polyushko-pole” (Wide Russian field)  in which the theme of well-known song begins by one instrument, gradually joined in and developed by other instruments and then by chorus. In the second item “I’ll saddle my horse” the ballet joins to the orchestra and chorus, then the songs “I love a Cossack girl”, “In meadows” and, at last, “Evenings near Moscow” (Podmoskovnye vechera) sound accompanied by female lyrical dance with scarfs. Orchestral item in which musicians demonstrate their technical possibilities carries out the function of musical interval dividing the Cossack and Gipsy blocks. The second part of the program starts with the song “Oh, don’t awake me” (Ne budite) with participation of the ballet, chorus and orchestra, proceeds with a song “We are glad” (Rady) and concluded with Gipsy dance. The third block starts with the Ukrainian lyrical song, proceeds with fiery dance “Marusen’ka” accompanied by the chorus and orchestra, interactive item "Quadrille" with attraction of spectators, original chastooshkas and with a song "Katyusha" (chorus and orchestra), and comes to the end with the general final item “Kalinka” in which ballet dancers demonstrate unforgettable tricks.

Vivid and stylish costumes of participants of the group “Khokhloma” are sewed in the best workshops of the city and repeatedly changed during the program.

Start at 19.30


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