24 February, Friday, 19:00

This performance has been awarded with Gold spotlights, the highest drama award of St. Petersburg in 2012-2013 season as the Best operetta Performance. It has been directed by Yuri Alexandrov.

It is not only Vienna, but also its people, all these party-goers, that transform in anticipation of the carnival night at Prince Orlovskyi’s mansion. In order to stay alone with Rosalinde, Alfred, who is in love with her, gives her maid a ticket to masquerade. But for Adele, who dreams of becoming an actress, it is the only chance to prove that she was born for the drama scene. Eisenstein, who faces a prison term for a bad shot while hunting, manages to delay the punishment, so he goes to the party, too. His wife, gentle Rosalinde, realizing that her husband is cheating on her, transforms into a passionate lady and also appears at the masquerade. Charming the loving Alfred as well as all Vienna men, she makes her own husband fall in love with her.


Running time — 3 hours 20 minutes
Tickets cost — 1500 roubles

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