The Attraction of the Crimea Exhibition

26 August, Friday

Exhibition “The Attraction of the Crimea” shows historical documents, manuscripts, fine art, photographs, rare editions of the XVIII–XX centuries connected to the history of the Crimea

In rich funds of Pushkin House there is a kind of a Crimean collection. This collection is the basis of the exhibition "the Attraction of the Crimea". The first hall opens the story of Crimea accession in 1783. Accession occurred without the war, as a result of complex diplomatic maneuvers.

The exhibition presents portraits of the Empress and Prince G. A. Potemkin, famous Generals. Wonderful views of the Crimean seacoast could be found in verses of poets of the Pushkin's time – Batiushkov, Murav'ev as well as in the Pushkin's poems. At the exhibition one can see famous editions of "The Crimean sonnets” written by Mickiewicz, brilliant watercolors created by Chernetsov and Zhukovsky. The exhibition presents manuscripts of the "Caucasian captive", "Eugene Onegin" and the first edition of "The fountain of Bakhchisarai" by Alexander Pushkin. Vyazemsky, Fet, Glinka dedicated their patriotic poems to the events of the Crimean war 1854-1856. Poets of the XXth century wrote remarkable pages to the poetic anthology of the Crimea. Koktebel of Maximilian Voloshin was an amazing phenomenon of Russian cultural life of so-called Silver Age of Russian Literature. In the famous House of Maximilian Voloshin in 1910 many Russian poets had a rest and worked during summer time.

The final section of the exhibition presents series of photos made by A. A. Siesta. On the photos one can see wonderful views of the southern coast of the Crimea, private villas, Livadia and Alupka palaces, and parks. All the pictures were taken during the revolution.

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