Knights castle festival

19 June, Sunday

The medieval festival «Knight castle» will be held on the 17th- 19th of June 2016 in the «Vyborg castle»

Traditionally the Historical-Architecture museum «Vyborg castle» arranges the festival. The museum was founded on 1960, for present the exclusive culture events are the special part of the museum work. The festival’s history at the territory of the «Vyborg castle» counts more then 20 years.

The reenactment communities, citizens and guests of Vyborg well remember the splendid events took a place in the walls of the castle. Now the festival returns to the Castle after long interval. You will have possibility to see the biggest festival in the Vyborg history is held at the 2 places at the same time – in the Castle and in the Annenskie defenses. The history of the Middle Ages will alive for 3 days.

During the Festival you can see the different reenactments: Knight’s fights, Horseman’s tournaments and the main event of this year the Women’s fights. The Program is included:

- Horsemen’s tournaments

- Foot battles

- Professional fights

- Trade fair

- Enchanting show

All above mentioned will be interesting for adults, teenagers and for kids. Everybody will find the sights and activity for their taste.


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