St. Petersburg's city day 2016

27 May, Friday

On 27th of May St.Petersburg will celebrate it's 313th anniversary. 

In this day in 1703 Peter the Great has laid foundation stone in the footing of Peter and Paul fortress. This first building of the great city still remains it's main symbol. And exactly here in the heart of Northern capital the main celebration events of St. Petersburg's town day are usually taking place.

Celebration program is unique every year and can satisfy all guests and citizens of our city. Usually different kind of events last around St.Petersburg during an entire weekend before of after 27th of May, so that everybody could have a possibility to participate in celebrating the Northern capital's anniversary. 

Laying flowers on a Monument to Peter I on Senate Square (Bronze Horseman) is a tradition on 27th of May. Concert scene is built on the Palace square where a show is performed by celebrities for all citizens and guests. A lot of exhibitions, guided tours, flashmobs are held in all St. Petersburg's districts. Finally, massive fireworks comes as a cherry on top of all this events. 

Detailed program will be available soon, stay tuned!



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