International ro wing tournament «Golden Blades Saint Petersburg»

12 June, Sunday

St.  Petersburg  favors  those  who  somehow  take  life  in  their own  hands,  and  do  not  stand  still.  Young  and  enthusiastic competitors might be first in the ranks of such people. In mid- June one of the biggest rowing tournaments in Russia held at an international level is organized on the Neva River.

An exciting fight on the water brings together various types of ships: singles, doubles, fours, eights, and others. According to the Olympic heritage, the regatta has four stages, and is judged by the recognized masters of sport.

The spectacular competition gathers a lot of onlookers on the river  banks.  Watching  rowers  is  more  comfortable  from  the area of the Peter and Paul Fortress where the Food Festival “National Cuisine - The Key to People’s Friendship” is held at the same time. At the festival one will be able to find more than 20 restaurants which amaze their guests with their recipes. Aside from this, there will be playgrounds for children, various national creative teams entertaining the guests, as well as food tastings, workshops from chefs and lots of other amusement activities.

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