Concert «Segodnyanochyu band»

30 June, Thursday, 19:30

The inimitable romantics from Saint Petersburg – Segodnyanochyu band – will give a concert within Roof Music Fest

Since early 2000s Segodnyanochyu band has been releasing the albums, combining intelligent Britpop sound, smart lyrics and high-minded revelations. During the years of the band’s performance the musicians managed to create their own universe, where only love to music, subtle poetry, based on their feelings and experience, and high professionalism matter. Luckily all of us can sometimes get access to this complicated and mysterious world.

Severe romanticism of Saint Petersburg, thoughtful melodics of a dialogue with the listeners and deep lyrics, where everyone can find his/her own reflection, the time-proved hits and, certainly, fresh compositions. Sometimes it is so pleasant to recall, what our dreams and sorrows were and whom we loved, when we were 15.

  • Address: 4, Aptekarskiy prospect, Saint Petersburg
  • Phone Number: +7 812 920-08-57
  • Site:
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