«Assai» band concert

14 July, Thursday, 20:00

Assai band presents its long-awaited concert program, called «EVOLUTION», within Roof Music Fest

Alexey ‘Assai’ Kosov is a 32-year old poet and musician from Saint Petersburg. Alexey became widely known in the middle of 2000s, when he performed in «Krec» band. His popularity increased in 2010 after the release of his debut solo album, called «Elevator».

Since the very beginning Assai’s music has been standing apart from the music of the other Russian hip-hop artists, gaining popularity one by one. This modest guy with grey eyes, who didn’t look anything like the others, won thousands of hearts by his painfully sincere poetry. Perhaps, his sudden popularity could be called amazing. The fans couldn’t stop listening to his heartrending lyrics, which lived their own life in a psychedelic whirlwind of music.

Assai released singles and EPs one by one, getting deeper and deeper in self-cognition and trying to find that very harmony and that imperceptible beauty and lightness of being, which he couldn’t stop dreaming of. Alexey is always in creative endeavor. Thus, he had decided to leave the stage for two times, but each time changed his decision and returned back to music. His lyrics become more and more concise and intelligible, and his music experiments are very well-turned. Now Assai is getting close to the age of maturity and personal fulfillment of a man. At the beginning of 2015 he began recording his new album, which was promptly called «Source».

Now Alexey is half-way to releasing the new album, which is supposed to show a new dimension of his talent. On the roof Assai is going to present «EVOLUTION» program, which includes the compositions, never shown to the public before, newly-arranged hits and a part of the new album, which can be already presented.

In my new album I am going to tell about my own source and about the source of all the people, about my understanding of the world around, about what I have learnt on spirituality, about people, about how the things happen, about love and antipathy, death and life, something eternal and something fleeting, about everything, which surrounds us and about my view on it,” Assai.

«Evolution» depicts 18 years of the artist’s creative work, looking back from the distance of his present experience and the height of the concert area, facing Karpovka River Embankment. The program is divided into 4 blocks. Each of them represents a particular period of the artist’s life. The performance is followed by video – a documentary about Alexey’s life and art.

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