Sebastiao Salgado. Photo exhibition «Genesis» project

23 October, Sunday

This project has been already seen by more than three million people in 25 cities worldwide, including London, Rome, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Stockholm, New York, Singapore and Shanghai

“Genesis”, assembled and curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado, is a photographic journey into the planet — an expedition to rediscover the mountains, deserts and oceans, the animals and peoples that have so far escaped the imprint of modern society. The land and life of a still pristine planet. Yet Genesis is also a project that speaks urgently to our own age. By portraying the breathtaking beauty of a “lost” world that somehow survives, it proclaims: this is what is in peril, this is what we must save.

Unlike the other socially oriented photography projects that won him glory (“Other Americas” 1986, “Workers” 1993, “Terra” 1997, “Migrations and Portraits” 2000, “Africa” 2007), this exhibition aestheticizes the greatness of the Earth, 46% of which are still preserved pristine.

“We live in a critical time for our planet, and photography is one of the ways to share this historic moment. It is within our power to take a fresh look at the might of our planet. For me “Genesis” is a tribute and dedication to our nature home”, — says Salgado.

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