Communal Workshop

21 August, Sunday

In Art-center «Pushkinskaya-10» the communal workshop festival will be held by informal art associations of Russia. It is based on the concept: to divide, produce and exchange.

Curator and art critic Nicolas Bourriaud in his book Relational Aesthetics (1998) writes that it is possible to define any artwork through the object of interaction and geometric point of communication among infinite correspondents and addressees. This text appears to be highly influential for the dynamics of contemporary art, which is understood as relational art nowadays. And as strategies and values in the art world are changing, the museum concept is changing as well: is transforms from a place of judgemental representation to a mediator of innovative ideas, a sphere of polylogue, a vivid interdisciplinary workshop.

Within the framework of the project «Communal Workshop» the MoNA invites informal art collectives to organise their studios in the space of the Main Hall, which will become a space for work, demonstration and symbolic presence. The existence within the temporary ecosystem provides the artists the opportunity to share (the physical and conceptual space), create (artworks and synthetic discourses) and interchange (via mediation of experience, knowledge and images).

The project «Communal Workshop» refers to two ideas relevant to the Museum of Nonconformist Art both in strategic and historical perspectives. On the one hand, it focuses on process-oriented artistic practices and the image of a modern museum in a changing cultural context. On the other hand, this ritual «squatting» and conceptual «inhabiting» of the museum space appeals to the history of the Pushkinskaya-10 art centre that started in 1989 as an artists’ squat in an abandoned house.

Curated by Anastasia Patsey


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