Concert georgian band Mgzavrebi. Roof Music Fest

03 August, Wednesday, 19:00

Georgian band Mgzavrebi performs on one of the roofs of Saint Petersburg on August 3 within Roof Music Fest!

«Mgzavrebi band consists of seven young, vivid and very different Georgians. As soon as they start singing and playing music you realize that you have been missing them. Even if you have never seen any Georgian and have never heard Georgian music, you realize that you have been missing them for so many years, but just haven’t understood that.» Evgeniy Grishkovets.

«You have to see their performance for only one minute, and you are lost. You become a fan of Mgzavrebi for all your life until your dying day. When these seven young Georgians sing their amazingly beautiful songs, you just fall into euphoria.» Oleg Nesterov from Megapolis band.


  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Aptekarsky pr., 4
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