Sunsay band performs on August 4 within Roof Music Fest!

04 August, Thursday, 20:00

The summer concert of Sunsay band is held on Hi-Hat roof on Petrogradskaya Side.

Sunsay’s music is a peculiar interpretation of well-known afrobeat, influenced by modern electronic music. Sun’s songs are infused with search for harmony and expression of self, presented in the beat of funk and soul. The band usually experiments with various moods and styles of performance. Only one thing is left unchanged: SunSay is always like the bubble of the ocean and the spindrifts, touching your skin, when you are standing on the hot sand. It is like flaming sun, which makes you warm, but not burnt. The headlong rhythms penetrate into your soul and make you pass each note through yourself, sticking in your memory and staying with you, even after you leave the concert.


  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Aptekarsky pr., 4
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