The Two Dutch Tenors (the Netherlands) -the concert of jazz

09 September, Friday, 20:00

Dutch musicians Caspar Van Wijk (saxophone), Gideon Tazelaar (tenor saxophone) and Tis Laarker (contrabass) perform on Hi-Hat roof, accompanied with the best jazzmen of Saint Petersburg. They have won the hearts of the audience in Tokyo, London, Berlin, Budapest, Moscow and other music capitals, and now are going to play below the clouds of Saint Petersburg!

Tonight on the stage:

Caspar Van Wijk (saxophone). Currently Caspar lives in The Hague, where he participates in various ensembles, including the Van Wijk/Derudder Kwartet. He also usually plays in big bands of the Netherlands, for example in one of the most famous jazz bands called Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. Caspar is the winner of many prestigious international contests and a frequent guest of world jazz capitals.

Gideon Tazelaar (tenor saxophone). Yet when Gideon was 8, he played in the Philharmonic of Amsterdam, and when he was 11, he participated in North Sea Jazz Festival. At the age of 14 Gideon was enrolled in the bachelor program of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and joined Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and The New Cool Collective. He performed together with such famous jazz musicians as Dick Oatts, Eric Alexander, Benjamin Herman, Ruud Jacobs, Peter Beets, John Engels and others.

Tis Laarker (contrabass) started playing music since his childhood. He has chosen a contrabass as his main instrument at the age of 14 and, yet when he was 16, he entered the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Tis plays various music, including classic, pop and jazz. Finally he joined such bands as Bop This! and The Dutch Concert Big Band.

Andrey Zimovets (piano). Andrey started thorough examination of jazz and became fascinated with the music of such classic bebop players as Charlie Parker, Bud Powell and Barry Harris. Soon he became one of the favorite apprentices of the latter. Andrey participated in many festivals, held by Saint Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall within various ensembles. He also cooperated with an enormous number of jazz maîtres.

Egor Kryukovskikh (drums). Active participant of Saint Petersburg jazz stage. Since 2010 he has been a permanent member of Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra big band under the Saint Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall. He also plays in Peter Vostokov Big Jazz Orchestra in Moscow. Egor usually participates in international jazz bands as well.

Let’s meet September to the music of romantic jazz, admiring the look of the favorite city!


Tickets cost - 900 roubles

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