Student's Maslenitsa

21 February, Saturday, 12:00

For celebration day the organizers have chosen Saturday, the sixth day of Maslenitsa, popularly styled "Daughter-in-Law Parties". This day all relatives and friends patch up close relations with each other.

As custom has it, a young hostess will greet the guests of the festivity with hampers of delicacies and uncork many surprises. There will be presents, valuable prizes and pancake week fun starting from 12.00 pm - Maslenitsa effigy making master classes for children. You can bring your little Maslenitsa effigy to the festivity, make a presentation of it and go in for the competition. All throughout the day, 12.00 pm - 08.00 pm, - decorative pancake baking contest, songs and chastushkas, ad-libbing, Maslenitsa post, best group selfie contest, funniest photo story contest.

Graffiti L Hostel is a unique place thanks to its hospitality and contemporary graffiti design. That's why the main contest of the festivity is going to be the Graffiti on Pancakes Contest. Of course, the pancake artists will exercise their talents by means of chocolate cream, jam, condensed milk and confectioner's fillers, not spray paints, inks or paints. A pity art pancakes won't survive the festivity, for what it's worth - they will be heartily eaten by the participants.

There will be lots of treats to relish at the merry street fair in the cozy courtyard, such as toasted Russian pancakes, crispy Indian chapatis, vegetarian sweeties, Russian lollipops Petushok, aromatic tea from a samovar, honey, honey drinks, corns, and pies. Here, you will also be able to buy exclusive handmade gifts for your children and yourself.

All those who buy at the fair will get prizes from Komus, the festivity's partner.

At 5.00 pm a gift certificate for 4 nights/3 days stay at the Graffiti L Hostel will be raffled off among the fair buyers!

All interested are welcome to Maslenitsa party! Not only the love for pancakes may bring us together, but also the main idea of the festivity, that is the renewal of life and greeting of spring. These days people forget about quarreling, forgive offences and start living in concord and peace. Welcome!

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