Anatoliy Levitin. “Time through faces”

15 January, Sunday

Largest personal exhibition of the painter in Saint-Petersburg

Museum and Exhibition Center "Petersburg artist" is happy to present an exhibition of People's Artist of the RSFSR, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, Master of the Leningrad school of academic painting Anatoliy Levitin "Time through faces".

Anatoliy Pavlovich Levitin born July 16, 1922 in Moscow.

Works of Anatoliy Levitin are successfully exhibited at exhibitions and auctions of Soviet and Russian painting, his works are in the collection of the State Russian Museum, as well as in museums and private collections in Russia, China, Japan, France and other countries.

During a long career Anatoliy Pavlovich Levitin has created many works. His portraits, genre and historical paintings, landscapes and still lifes have become another example of the development of Russian academic school in the Soviet period. As one of the brightest representatives of social realism, Anatoliy Levitin managed to organically combine in his work and the spirit of the time requirements with the individual perception of reality.


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