Ceremonial dinners in Princess Yusupova house

27 November, Sunday, 18:00

The luxurious Liteyny House of the Princess Yusupovoy invites guests to the fascinating program dated for the St. Petersburg restaurant festival - 2016!

The program consists of two parts


In the first part of the program guests wait fascinating walk-excursion on halls of unique palace of the Princess Zinaidy Yusupovoy.  Guests will see remaining halls, get a closer acquainted with family history of the Prince Yusupov, also private life of the famous Princess. Will plunge into history of social life of the family princes Yusupov, will hear a story about magnificent balls,  about dinner parties and magnificent theatrical performances, in which will take part owners.


Musical performance Imre Kalmana
«Queen Chardasha» («Silva»)


On November 27 the second part of the program will pass on the stage of the palace of the Princess Zinaida Yusupovoy. The Saint Petersburg Maly Drama Theatre represent musical performance «Queen Chardasha». The unusual music, bright acting and amusing dialogues will not allow to bored this fall!

World famous a classics of the genre operetta Imre Kalmana «Silva» in the author's edition was called «Queen Chardasha» and new name got in Russia, where Kalman's score arrived right after the Vienna premiere. The premier took place in Russia in 1916 year.

The beauty singer from cabaret «Orfeum» Silva Varesky is in love with prince Edwin. But unless rich and well-born young man can marry light-minded girl from cabaret.

The frequenter of cabaret «Orfeuma» Ferry considers that he can. But the princess Tsetsiliya Lippert von Weilerschejm, Edwin's mother, has your opinion on that score.

Love and honor. Free morals of cabaret and title of nobility. Heroes should choose. Which way to go to become happy? These hard questions, joking, decide in an operetta genre. "Queen Chardasha" of Imre Kalman - a pearl of this genre. Cheerful dialogues, brilliant play of actors and sounding of delightful music will allow to enjoy a performance to judges and fans of the operetta.


Production director - the laureate of the international festivals Andrey Egorov

Casting director - Alexey Sazonov

Ballet-master - Iskander Fakhrutdinov


Guests will hear delightful musisc of Imre Kalman performed by the laureate of the international competitions of instrumental ensemble «ZABAVA». 


Running time 3 hours

Tickets from 300 RUB



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