13 November, Sunday, 18:00

Princess Z.I.Yusupova's Liteyny House

The event is timed to Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival 2016!

The event's program includes 2 parts: an interesting excursion and a staged performance.

Walking Tour

Princess Yusupova's magnificent house on Liteyny prospect invites its guests to a walking tour along the historical halls!

"Liteyny" house is one of Saint Petersburg's most interesting mid-19th century's palaces built in eclecticism style. Many researchers believe it to be the best work of a famous architect Ludwig Bonschtedt.

During the excursion professional tour guides will tell you about:

- princess Zinaida Ivanovna Yusupova, nee Naryshkina

- famous evening parties and the history of Liteyny mansion

- refined 19th century dinners and a picturesque  dining room interior

- the story of Zinaida Ivanovna's  second marriage and  the facts about her collection of paintings in the  Main  Study

-ball and reception traditions and the palace's parade rooms

- the house owner's heirs and the mansion's 20th century life

- the residence's Main Stairs decorations

 After the excursion mansion's  guests  can enjoy a world-famous operetta on stage of the theatre hall.

"Die Fledermaus" (musical comedy) by Johann Strauss 

The guests of the evening party will be able to enjoy a world-famous musical comedy "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss on stage of the theatre hall.


Directed by        Andrey Egorov (international contests prize-winner).

Art director        Natalya Vorobyeva

Casting             Alexey Sazonov                             


The musical part of the show is performed by "Zabava" instrumental ensemble, international contests prize-winner.    

The show invites the spectators to join operetta’s characters at a merry masked ball in prince Orlovsky’s house. Prince’s friend, theatre director Falk, offers to entertain the audience with a new comedy, in which his friend Heinrich Eisenstein, Eisenstein’s wife Rosalinda, their maid Adele and city’s jail master Frank are involved without even knowing about it. Unexpectedly Falk becomes tangled in his own intrigues. Being a lady-hero, Heinrich Eisenstein courts a mysterious beauty with her face hidden under a bat mask, but the lady turns out to be Heinrich’s wife… Everything in the show amazes with its joyful light-heartedness and gaiety.     

Merry jokes, sudden twists of the intrigue and, of course, charming music by J. Strauss can please even the most demanding audience.

Tickets from 300 rubles.  


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