«Secrets of the 18th century cuisine». Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival - 2016

30 November, Wednesday, 13:00

Special excursion project Secrets of the 18th century cuisine as a part of the Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival 

The historic step in development of Russian national cuisine is associated with the reforms of Peter the Great, which were realized at the turn of the 17-18 centuries. During nearly 100 years until the early 19th century there was a division between lords’ and commonalty’s cuisines. Cuisine of the ruling class lost its national character. Russian aristocracy borrowed elements from Western European culture, everyday life, culinary traditions, and drastically changed the order of «Russian table» which was forming for centuries. Under the governance of Peter the Great and Anna Ivanovna Germany and Holland influenced on the order of «Russian table», and under Catherine II and Alexander I it was France. Having visited Europe rich nobles used to bring foreign chefs from abroad. In Catherine's epoch a tradition to build a kitchen separately from the palaces appeared. There were 2 directions in the culinary art –the local and the foreign one. It has become fashionable to turn a meal into «theater and masquerade».

- What does it mean «theatre and masquerade» in Russian meal?
 - Why did the 18th century become for Russia a century of French cuisine?
- Why did potato riots happen in Russia?
- Why was Russian cuisine highly valued in Europe along with the French in the end of the 18th and 19th century?
…And more interesting facts from the history of Russian national cuisine, you will learn visiting the Historical Theatrical Scale Model «Petrovskaya Akvatoria»

Prices for the entrance tickets:
Adult 400 rubles.
Sat-Sun, holidays: 450 rubles.
Children 200 rubles.
Sat-Sun, holidays: 250 rubles.


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