The unique gastronomic project "Music and Cooking." St. Petersburg Restaurant Festival - 2016!

11 November, Friday, 19:00

Saint Petersburg State Capella invites the audience to make a wonderful journey through the continents without leaving the center of St. Petersburg: to get acquainted with the culture, with musical traditions, to taste national cuisine and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of other countries.

The majestic and mysterious England will be waiting for you on November 11, 2016. How many sounds and images it evokes! Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey, the novels about Sherlock Holmes and the tale of Alice in Wonderland. But, first of all, the tradition of afternoon tea - «five o clock».

To listen to the story about the history of the royal tea party, to see with own eyes the unique English table setting, to get answers to all the questions and to treat yourself with desserts will be possible for all the visitors in the evening.

Also the premiere of the musical chamber performance "Peace and theater of Julia Lambert" will take place here on which there will be featured the most famous melodies of English composers such as Purcell, Arna, Elgar. The libretto is based on a novel by S. Maugham "Theatre".

The Chamber Hall of Capella.

The concert starts at 19 hours.

Ticket price: 600 rub.

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