Quest Pistols Show

13 November, Sunday, 19:00

Quest Pistols Show present at November 13, "dissimilar" concert at "A2 Green Concert», which will be a great team performance from the moment of the transformation project.

At this time, the show will be held under the slogan "doesnt matter that we not similar - one music under our skin" and will bring together all the "dissimilar" the band's fans.

The main character - the music - will bring together a variety of people who for one night will be much more than simply a resident of a modern metropolis. No matter how starting your morning with whom you dine in a cozy cafe and a park that you choose for an evening walks. This day does not matter, just you and the music only - one for all!

Musical performances will be not only well-known hits of the group, but also a new sound from the upcoming album, which is the first studio album in the new line-up

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