New Year Market in DLT

07 January, Saturday

Collection of figure skates at the Gatchina Palace, at the exhibition hall of the Central building, 1st floor

A traditional New Year Market has opened at the DLT. This year it is placed on the 5th floor, and its area doubled. Here are presented the hundreds of gifts and holiday decorations for home: Christmas-tree decorations, Christmas lights, souvenirs, glassware and candles.

Among the Christmas-tree decorations are handmade products from Dutch, Belgian and German workshops. These are the real must-haves: jewelry by Polish factory Mostowski & Komozja, among them you can see handmade decorations with Swarovski crystals.

Each floor of the main department store in St. Petersburg is filled with the atmosphere of upcoming holidays. In the atrium on the 1st floor was set up a high magnificent fir tree, and now it is a central place for the happy family photos. And the place near the escalators is decorated with a classic children's carousel and Christmas decorations.

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