The first day of the strike on the Putilov factory

16 January, Friday

On January 3, 1905 the strike on the Putilov factory began

The strike was caused by the fact that the administration of the factory unlawfully fired four workers and rejected the pleading to reemploy them. The main demands were the reduction of the working day to eight hours, three-shifts schedule, free medical care, a fixed minimum wage and unpunishability for the strike for every participant. The strikes ended on January 17 and resulted in a march towards Winter Palace on January 22. The workers wanted to lodge a petition to the tsar for improving working conditions. The march was unagressive, but the participants were fired upon by soldiers of the Imperial Guard. This event, now known as the «Bloody Sunday», became the one of the key factors to lead to the Russian Revolution of 1905-1907.

January 16, 1905
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