Exhibition “Brandrealism: a retrospectiv”

09 April, Sunday

Solo exhibition by Sergey Shnurov

Brandrealism is an art movement that focuses not on the actual objects, but on the structure of reality they exist in. Brandrealism was first manifested by the musician and artist Sergey Shnurov in 2007, and the current retrospective is meant to celebrate the trend’s 10th anniversary.

 According to brandrealism postulates, the man of the XXI century is surrounded not by the pure phenomena, but by the artificially generated brand-products. We wear brands, eat brands, and drive brands. 

Contemporary art has also become a part of the general theory of brands. Inspiration and professional craft occupy a nominal place in the world of art. Contemporary artists tailor their works to the brand-image of a potential buyer: trendy, well-off, not stupid, witty, fashion conscious, with a decent social status. The very sacred concept of “creativity” has turned into another high-profile brand. 

  • Address: Saint Petersburg, 29-ya linya V.O., 2, lit. А
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