Exhibition "Georg Christoph Grooth and the Time of Elizabeth Petrovna"

20 March, Monday

The exhibition will present more than 150 art pieces by various artists that were active during the time of  Elizabeth Petrovnа’s magnificent reign

Epoch of Empress Elizaveta (Elizabeth) Petrovna is one of the periods of Russian history that are usually estimated as controversial. On the other hand, this was the time of bright flourishing of Russian culture and rich development of architecture, painting, graphic arts as well as art collecting, initiated by Peter the Great and continued by his daughter Elizaveta. The exhibition in St. Michaels’ Castle will present more than 150 art pieces by various artists that were active during the time of her magnificent reign. The core part of the exhibition is formed with the works by Georg Christoph Grooth (1716-1749) – one of the most prominent representatives of the rossika art (works of foreign authors who worked in Russia), whose 300th Anniversary is celebrated in 2016.

Georg Christoph Grooth has become the founder of the Russian portrait school of the Modernity. He has considerably influenced the formation of the leading Russian painters such as Alexei Antropov, Dmitry Levitsky, Fyodor Rokotov. The exhibition will comprise around 150 works of art from the collection of the Russian Museum and several other museums of Russia; among the works on display are 40 paintings by Russian and foreign artists, over 50 graphic pieces and around 60 objects is applied art. The exhibition is organized with participation of the State Hermitage Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, numerous Russian and some Estonian museums.

Ticket cost

300 roubles – full ticket

150 roubles – reduced-rate tickets (for school ticket, college students, retirement pensioners)





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