The opening of the Road of Victory

05 February, Thursday

February 5, 1943 is the day when the Road of Victory, that connected the besieged Leningrad with the rest of the country, was opened


The Road of Victory was a temporary Soviet wartime railroad, in operation from February 5, 1943 till March 10, 1944. The road effectively replaced the Road of Life in delivering the goods to the besieged Leningrad. Unlike the Road of Life, that streched across the Ladoga Lake, this Road ran along the left bank of the Neva river and Ladoga's south side. It was also sadly known as the «corridor of death», since the German artillery units at some points were only about 3–4 km away. The Road played a major role in defending Leningrad and releasing the Siege.

February 5, 1943
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