NDT 1. One-act Ballets

22 April, Saturday, 19:00

Dance Open ballet festival. One-act Ballets: Shoot The Moon, Silent Screen, Thin Skin. Choreography by Paul Lightfoot and Sol León, Marko Goecke. Perfomed by the NDT 1

Shoot the Moon revolves around a higher level of expression in relationships. It is about the one thing that can create or change it: the emotions hidden inside. Revolving walls with striking black-and-white wallpaper create three separate rooms, each containing its own love story. The door to the other room always seems to be open and through the window a new world beckons.

Silent Screen by NDT house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot can be seen as the epitome of a transdisciplinary performance where dance, theatre, film and music effortlessly come together to melt into a painterly Gesamtkunstwerk.

Large screens offer a lively background of images that flow into each other as if in a dream. For 45 breathtaking minutes, Silent Screen shuttles between pure stillness and utter panic, reinforced by Philip Glass’ familiar cinematic music Glassworks.

Thin Skin is a homage to the punk rock icon and poet Patti Smith. The singer’s rhythmically elaborate, sometimes breathless-sounding lyrics form a visually and acoustically powerful synthesis with Goecke’s very particular frenetic language of movement. “Mind is a picture. And there in the corner is the hint of a spiral. Perhaps it is a virus; perhaps it is a spirit tatoo”, writes Smith, and Goecke’s dancers, whose skin is covered in countless tatoos, create dream worlds that are permanently changing. The dance remains elusive, but it gets under the skin, the skin of the thin-skinned.

Duration time — 2 hours 25 minutes
Ticket cost — 800-6500 roubles


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