The 2nd Chinese Culture Festival: Spring holiday

07 March, Saturday, 13:00

Russian-Chinese Business Center invites you to the first cultural event that finishes celebration of the Chinese New Year, and signalizes the beginning of spring

The spring festival is a special date for the Chinese, the celebration with traditions that date back several centuries. The moment of coming spring, and awakening of nature is thought to be the beginning of a new year. The Chinese always gather with their families, set the tables and give presents to one another. This celebration, in a special way, combines fireside comfort and exuberance of high spirits. It’s not necessary to go to China to get immersed into this wonderful atmosphere! For this purpose you should come to our festival on March, 7  to Lenexpo, pavilion #6.

You will witness the Chinese fair, varied program including circus actors, dancers, singers of Chinese national songs, as well as performances with wushu masters, tea ceremonies, tabletop games. Moreover, dance workshops, theatricalized interactive exhibitions, mysterious quests, immersion into virtual world… Our festival can offer something interesting for people of all ages! You can also taste Chinese cuisine, find out more about some tricks of tea selection and its further brewing, as well as get the tea you liked the most. The Chinese fair also has something to offer! You can find a wide range of interesting things, such as national Chinese ornaments, gorgeous kimono, beautiful Chinese lanterns, natural cosmetics, fantastic fans, and many other interesting things you will hardly ever find in ordinary shops.  It’s a great opportunity for men to get a unique gift for their women for the International Women’s Day!

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