St. Petersburg Craft Weekend

30 April, Sunday, 13:00

This year Craft Weekend Festival is representing even more Breweries — about 60, new musical programm: «Che Morale», «S.P.O.R.T.», «Big Livers» and the others. Craft food, the original sections of Craft Art and Craft Market will please you this time. Moreover, this year you can vote for the best sort of beer with the special app and award the winners

The organizers of the Saint-Petersburg Craft Weekend Festival, the largest craft festival in the city, the «Light Music» company and KwakInn Club are going to perk your spring mood up with the good news. 
The second big St. Petersburg Craft Weekend festival will make treat fans of craft beer with live music and a variety of gastronomical options. The festival will take place from 29th-30th of April in Lenexpo. 
Craft beer retail has increasingly penetrated into the market. The number of themed bars is constantly growing, more and more people are getting to know about this direction, forming stable demand 
The Craft Weekend festival is not only a new city event. It is also a showcase of the achievements of dynamically developing creative industry and enterpreneurs, who genuinaly love their work and make our city more interesting and varied. 
In the second edition of St. Petersburg Craft Weekend festival you will find all the best from its first release as range of new products: more Breweries (about 60). including foreign participants, more good food and beautiful music. There also will be a section of Craft Art with modern art and Craft Market, featuring souvenirs, interior items and vinyl records. 
Business and educational programms of the festival will expand. They will include round table discussion and workshops based on relevant issues of creative industries. On the festival you can choose the most favourite sort of beer using a special app. Brewery-winners will take special prizes from the festival.

Duration time — two days, from 13.00 to 22.00 
The cost — 400-600 roubles


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