Geek Picnic Festival

25 June, Sunday, 12:00

Geek Picnic - the largest European scientific festival and open air, dedicated to technology, science and art.

The festival GEEK PICNIC - the main event of the summer for those who are infinitely passionate about technology, art, science. The project, created by enthusiasts in 2011, for seven years has been categorized into a large open air, which annually gathers tens of thousands of people.

The guests will have unforgettable shows:

- on comfortable stands it will be possible to watch the drones race and robots battles with the support of a robo-station;

- awards, parade of cosplayers, fan zones and avenues of authors;

- traditional Tesla show;

- scientific show Art-Science;

- cosplay opera Diva Plavalaguna and Harvey Dent;

- the largest exhibition of VR technologies will be spread over 260 sq.m. 100+ cases in virtual reality

Do not forget about the stellar speakers: Richard Dawkins, Ilya Naishuller, Peter Levich, Alexander Panchin and others!

We should not forget about the food court with thematic dishes "falafel - Chewbacca", "super-cookies Wookiees", drink "slurm" and sharp burgers from the "restaurant on the edge of the Universe."

The best 2 days of this year will be provided to you!

Duration time —  12:00 to 22:00
Ticket cost — 500-5000 roubles


June 24-25, 2017, 12: 00-22: 00
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