Beijing opera “Dream in the Red Chamber”

09 June, Friday, 19:00

First time in St.Petersburg! Beijing opera "Dream in the Red Chamber" about the fate of lovers during the Qing Dynasty in China

The Beijing play in the songs "A Dream in the Red Chamber" is staged for the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese writer Cao Xueqin, who lived during the reign of the Qing Dynastyemperors. The play is a reflection of his own feelings and internal contradictions, his resentment and sadness. This is a dialogue of souls between the author Cao Xueqin and the main characters of his novel, in whose mouth he puts his own thoughts about his poor life in the past.

Time and space intersect here, the "theater in the theater" reception is used - a unique way of a new interpretation of the Chinese opera.

Awards: Grand National Art Fund of 2015; The best repertoire of the IV Theater Festival of Ethnic Theaters of National Minorities of China.

Duration — 1 hour 45 minutes with one intermission

Ticket cost — 400-2000 rubles


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