Сircus program «Baronets»

18 June, Sunday, 19:00

On June 3, on the arena of the Great St. Petersburg State Circus (Circus Ciniselli), the audience will see the amazing show "Baronety"! It can be called a real parade of star-rides, which won many international awards

This is the largest circus show in the composition of animals: liggers, tigers, leopards,black panthers, bears, horses, dogs, wolves, goats, camels and many other four-legged, furry and feathered artists. These are the best rooms of modern circus art: filigree animal training, luxurious show ballet, jiggeting on horses, complicated acrobatic tricks, air canvases, modern stage, lighting equipment and specially designed scenery! The project was created by a well-known in the circus industry producer, trainer, honored artist of Georgia Giya Eradze.

In the new show, St. Petersburg viewers for the first time will see a unique attraction of the trainers Natalya and Andrey Shirokalov who will simultaneously bring 11 predators to the arena: tigers, black panthers and leopards. Trainers have already won the world fame, becoming holders of many awards of international circus festivals.

Ekaterina Korenkova in her performance "Alaska" will show how formidable northern wolves and amusing malamutes easily perform complex commands. Goats will take part in this performance on the same arena with predators.

On the arena of the circus will be the winners of international awards: Tatyana Makhortova (silver crown "The Princess of the Russian Circus"), "Dzhigits" Apache "” under the direction of Rustam Gazzaev (gold award of the VII International Festival of Circus Art), Yuri Volodchenkov, the performer of the record-breaking stunt "The Horse on the Rope”, Vardanyan Brothers, the winners of the "Minute of Fame" competition, and many others.

Duration — 2 hours - 2 hours 20 minutes

Ticket cost — 500-7000 rubles


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