Museum of records and facts «TITIQAQA»

14 January, Monday

In the Museum "TITIQAQA" you will see what you have not even heard: unique and amazing things from all over the world that amaze, entertain or even shock

Visitors of the exhibition will find more than 70 strange and sometimes shocking exhibits from around the world: from the real egg Brachiosaurus to the smallest car in the world — 134-centimeter Peel P50.

There are four thematic halls:" Natural Wonders"," Unusual people"," Dark spots of history "and "Made in Russia". The collection of the latter will amaze even those who are usually difficult to surprise. Guests will be able to look under the microscope at the miniature sculpture creations by work of the Russian Left-Hander: paper crane length of four millimeters or sculptures on the tips of pencils created by Salavat Fidai from Ufa.

It is noteworthy that the atmosphere, plunging into the world of incredible records, is as interactive as possible: you can get inside the full-size heart of the blue whale or take a picture wearing the medieval masks of shame.

Opening hours — daily since 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.
Ticket cost — 300-450 rubles


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