DANCEWALK / Neopost Foofwa

29 June, Thursday, 15:00

Dancewalk is an ongoing performance project, and a product of Foofwa d'Imobilité’s desire to stretch our perception of dance’s time and space, mixing walking and dancing 

A dancewalk is an activity that takes walking into dancing, and takes dance phrases always forward-going. Dancewalking thinks of dance in terms of kilometers and geography performed through a city or a landscape. Since 2015, Foofwa d’Imobilité has created 11 different kinds of dancewalks, performed more than 25 of them, always adapting the concept to the reality of a place: in May 2015, he dancewalked 100 kilometers in 3 days through 4 regions in the Swiss Jura area; in June 2015, he invited dance in official Nordic Walking competitions; in June 2016, he danced 100 times around the Paris Opera on the summer solstice, that is for 62 kilometers in one day; in September 2016, he dancewalked along but also in the lake of Zug; in November 2016, he dancewalked through the Swiss Institute of Rome revealing the metaphorical richness of its gardens. Because of its unusual kinesthetic, choreographic and conceptual dimensions, dancewalking is a challenge to normative aesthetic of dancing. Conceptually, dancewalking realizes a new relationship of dance to time and space. If dancing is done usually in place, here we are thinking in terms of kilometers and hours of dance. Dancewalking interacts with the world and reality in such a different way than onstage. In a dancewalk, the « decor » is always changing ; the spectators, conscious or accidental spectators, are able to watch, react, talk, walk along, or dance along ; the dialogue with the reality is constant, and dance is affected by the environment ; dancewalking therefore deals and plays with the unpredictability of life.

Beginnig: at 4 p.m. in Summer Garden

29 June 2017, 15.00 - 20.00
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