I dance because I do not trust words

01 July, Saturday, 21:00

«This project will deal with the relationship between a father and daughter. I want to recreate a meeting with my father, to retrieve something which is lost. A personal and artistic meeting, the meeting of two people separated by thousands of miles and by a sort of cultural distance»

In March 2011, the year of the Tsunami, after ten years of being away, I saw my old room again at my parents’ house in Tokyo. It has not changed since I was in my twenties. My parents have always left it the same. Then, I saw the photos of me in the living room. This made me feel like a kind of dead person in the house. It was as if, since I left, they kept my belongings intact to preserve the daughter they had before, when I was still in Japan, it was as if time had stopped since my departure.

For a girl, the father represents both authority and a person to be overcome. I have always tried to please my father. So I have worked my whole life to make him happy with me. As a young girl, he told me what I should do. Before, I would respectfully listen to his artistic advice; my father is a sculptor in Japan. He was someone I admired, someone who held a truth, and I meticulously followed what he told me to do. Sometimes his comments were very profound, like this one: “you needn’t move within the space, but make space be moved by your dance”.

May the space be moved by the reunion of our blood kin bodies, his shaped by sculpture and mine by dance – Kaori Ito

Duration time — 1 hour
Ticket cost — 1200-4000 roubles


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